Different systems of cryptocurrencies and anonymity with

There are many cryptocurrencies nowadays because this field is in the fast development. However, they all work at the main principles that the first and the most powerful system gave – bitcoin. Owners of cryptocurrency themselves provide their safety, using such tools as

 crypto currency


Silver and gold in cryptocurrencies

The main cryptocurrency in the world is bitcoin. The other cryptocurrencies are very far from the most powerful one. However, they still try to grow. The second system, which is close to bitcoin, like silver to gold, is the lightcoin. All the other systems try to be, like bitcoin:

  • Transparent and clear
  • With high anonymity, which can be increased by the

The Ether cryptocurrency

The third cryptocurrency for today is Ether, its capitalization indicator is about 21 billion dollars. The Cryptocurrency was created as a method of crowdship financing of the Ethereum project of the Canadian programmer. Ethereum was conceived as an open platform with a built-in programming language, the main idea of which was that any programmer could create applications based on blocking technology. At the time of release in 2015, the airwaves cost $ 2.9, now it is estimated at more than $ 224.

The ripple cryptocurrency

In the fourth place in terms of market capitalization is Ripple. The Ripple protocol provides instant and direct transfer of funds between two parties in any form, and the commission for it is set at a minimum. The system was launched in 2012 and attracted the serious attention of banks. According to data for April 2017, among the clients of Ripple – 75 banks, including such giants as BBVA, Standard Chartered and Bank of America.